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Brand Story

In 1995, Licheer stepped into the flooring industry and started making laminate flooring. At that time, laminate flooring just emerged in China, and the domestic market was basically dominated by Germany and the high price made many domestic people discouraged. Therefore, the domestic market has huge potential, Licheer seized this opportunity, making its laminate flooring grow rapidly.


In 2001, after several years of blind and disorderly expansion in the domestic market, there was no uniform standard for domestic products, and many factory had no lower limit, the price system collapsed. At this time, Licheer aimed at foreign markets and was the first batch of enterprises to do export. And the trademark of "Licheer" was registered.


In 2007, as the European and American markets became more and more popular, Licheer was the first factory to sign locking system patent with Valinge, laying a solid foundation for Licheer to enter the European and American markets. At the same time, Licheer has also registered trademarks worldwide.


In 2009, as the laminate flooring market entered into a stable period, the market scale has become saturated. Licheer opened the exploration of PVC flooring with locking system while stabilizing the production of laminate flooring. Licheer was one of the first manufacturers to make PVC flooring with locking system and successfully signed the patent with Unilin.


In 2010, the PVC flooring with locking system began to gain recognition in the United States, and Licheer held hands with Menards(a US supermarket), starting a cooperation for more than 10 years till now and in future Licheer and Menards will still strengthen bilateral relationship.


In 2015, with the outbreak of the poisonous flooring incident in the United States, China's laminate flooring began to plummet in Europe and the United States, while PVC flooring with locking system began to enter an outbreak period. Licheer has also embraced an explosive growth. At the same time, a new product of the big family of PVC flooring - "WPC" was born, it’s a combination of plastic powder and wood powder. This product completely solved the problem of no foot feeling on the PVC floor. It became a big hit. Also at the same year, Licheer purchased a new factory, covering an area of 90 acres and a new plant of 50,000 square meters.


In 2017, due to the excessively high price positioning of WPC, the market welcomed a product with a more affordable price, which is "SPC" flooring. At that time, production of SPC was still using line-92, line-92 came with a very low production capacity with only half a container per day. In addition, when all factories were still using line-92 and questioned line-110, Licheer was the first factory to order line-110, and ordered 3 lines at one time (the capacity of line-110 is 1 container per day).


In 2018, with the diversified growth of SPC, ordinary surface on flooring was far from satisfying customers. Licheer again, was the first factory that dared to order 4 SPC EIR production lines. And so far, Licheer was the factory with the most EIR plate rollers.

Licheer also purchased a new factory, covering an area of 40 acres and a new plant of 30,000 square meters. This provides a strong guarantee for Licheer to expand its production capacity in the future.


In 2019, with the blowout development of SPC, the production capacity of line-110 can no longer meet the SPC market. It is still Licheer, was the first factory that dared to purchase line-180, and has ordered 4 production lines. The production capacity for line-180 is 3.5-4 containers per day.

At the same year, Licheer signed I4F patent, allowing Licheer to provide another locking system option in the European and American markets, so that more customers can cooperate with Licheer.


In 2020, as the domestic market slowly began to accept SPC flooring, Licheer launched the SPC fishbone series for the first time, which received unanimous praise from the domestic market, the product quickly became the mainstream in the market.


In 2021, as the digital printing technology becomes more and more mature, Licheer began to study how to perfectly combine SPC flooring and digital printing, so to provide private customization for customers and customers are able to have floors and wall panels of their own.

At the same time, the second phase of Licheer factory will be completed and put into use one after another, and the plant area will reach 80,000 square meters, laying a solid foundation for the introduction of new products by Licheer in the future.


In the development of PVC flooring, Licheer has always been at the forefront in the market and we will continue working hard to bring new products and technologies to the world.