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Venus Collection

Venus Collection

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● Flooring Type: SPC/WPC

● Gradient color effect   

● Multi length and width


Our Venus collection provides our customers with various choices in terms of length and width. If you want to make your floor distinctive and look different, with the amazing gradient color effect, Venuscollection can be your wise choice. A wide variety of colors and decors are available. Venus represents love and beauty. We hope that our Venus collection can bring warmth, love and beauty to every family.


SPC:1240*129/180/231mm; 1540*129/180/231mm; 620/1220/1840*182mm

WPC:1240*126/178/230mm; 1540*126/178/230mm;600/1200/1830*180mm

Wear layer: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm

Option: Painted bevel, attached foam or cork.