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Mars Collection

Mars Collection

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● Flooring Type: SPC/WPC/LVT
● Length:48’  

Our Mars collection offers you the most diversed choice of flooring type, which also means you can choose your preferred installation method, whether it's gluing or with innovative click system.With abundant wood patterns available, registered embossed effect in 48' length. Its realistic surface textures will bring you an amazing haptic of real woods. 


LVT Click: 150*1220mm; 180*1220mm; 230*1230mm
Loose Lay and dry back: 157*1228mm; 186*1228mm; 237*1237mm
Rigid Core(SPC): 150*1240mm; 182*1240mm; 231*1240mm
WPC: 150*1240mm; 180*1240mm; 230*1240mm
Wear layer: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm
Option: Painted bevel, attached foam or cork.