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Brand story

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Brand story

August 2006, Licheer hired world-class German and Dutch floor expert Tony as the company's chief product consultant;
March 2007, Licheer signed Hong Kong superstar Mr. Huang Rihua as the brand image spokesperson and specially invited the CCTV “golden microphone” Wang Xiaoya as the host of the meeting. The meeting was supported and paid attention by Zhang Senlin, Chairman of the National Forest Products Industry Association and relevant government leaders in Changzhou.
April 2007, Licheer launched "Building 100 Rich Dealers" plan.
August 2007, in order to wish the 2008 Olympics a complete success and the overall improvement of the national brand power, Licheer fully launched the "Brand China·Green Beijing" ten thousand tree planting activities.
September 2007, Licheer selected 10 key cities across the country to grandly launch large-scale brand promotion activities in cities such as "Licheer Flooring Cheers for Huainan", "Licheer Flooring Cheers for Dalian" and "Licheer Flooring Cheers for Changsha".
February 2008, the company took the lead in launching a series of brand promotion activities of "Cheering for the Olympics, Cheering for the Torch" in some cities in mainland China.This series of efforts has made Licheer's brand power unprecedentedly improved.
March 2008, the Licheer brand trademark was recognized as a "China Well-known Trademark" by the state.
July 2009, Licheer was awarded the title of "Top 500 Chinese Brands";
September 2009, Licheer products won the EU CE certification;
In 2010, Licheer won the title of "Top Ten Brands in China's Flooring Industry".


Brand culture

1. Brand proposition-"make life more valuable"
"Make life more valuable" is the core value of LICHEER brand, and manufacturing healthy products is the business mission of LICHEER! Health is happiness, live happily, live with high quality, let life embody nobleness and classics, simplicity and wisdom, make life more quality, and make life more valuable!
2. Brand concept
Always take the international upper-level life culture as the connotation, and strive to show the classic simplicity, wisdom and calmness of the noble life.
3. Brand positioning
Noble and classic, simple, wise and calm, life paving products with international fashion flavor.
4. Brand personality-a distinguished collection worthy of taste
The unique product design comes from a deeper pursuit of life and a desire for noble simplicity. Regardless of the perceptual or rational level, the concepts conveyed are permeated with international noble classic feelings, deducting the simplicity and calmness of international quality, and interpreting the wise and calm demeanor of modern life! Because of the noble collection, it is worth savoring!
5. Brand price positioning
Licheer brand product prices are positioned in the high-end, mainly for the middle and high-income city groups in the 25-50 year old. Product features exquisite craftsmanship, noble and classic.