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Company News
Our company address have changed
Now our company new address is: No.188 Hou nan an Village, Xinnan Village committee, Yaoguan Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
HOMAG slotting machine
Our company have installed HOMAG slotting machine to produce our floor click at October 2018
Welcome to visit Licheer’s new factory
Licheer new factory will be opened at middle of May, 2017. It will have each 5 new production lines of PVC flooring and Laminate flooring, 20 new production lines of WPC flooring and SPC flooring. Licheer new factory will reach 3 million sqm per year (150 containers per month) of laminate flooring, and 10 million sqm per year (400 containers per month) of PVC, WPC and SPC flooring. Licheer has invested a lot of advanced and automatic facilities to improve product quality and production efficiency. Welcome to visit our new factory.
Our company opened a new website, welcome to visit!
My company signed star Felix Wong press conference held in Changzhou
Licheer Wood stressed that the transfer of loyalty and filial piety people values, but only loyal filial piety, harmonious and happy. Because only the loyalty and filial piety, to be responsible for consumers, in order to society, is utterly loyal to the country. "Loyal filial piety" typical image -- Mr. Felix Wong had been a perfect interpretation of "Guo Jing", legendary heroes! One good man image and connotation of Felix Wong's classic, calm and calm, wisdom, grace and temperament are Licheer and Wood to build the brand image match! Wood Licheer in the industry for the first time the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation and the perfect integration of corporate culture, reflecting the strong sense of social responsibility Wood Licheer.
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