SPC (Rigid Core)

Product Profile:SPC(Rigid Core)SPC flooring is newest products in vinyl family, strong stability, premium environment and lowest price. It has two techniques which are extrusion and hot press. For hot press, it also has have ABA and BA model which you can choose. They will become perfect products. Enjoy newest products in your homeProduct CategoryWarelayerThinknessSizeOther ChoiceSPC0.1mm3.2mm6"x37"150mm x 940mmUV-matt finished0.15mm4mm6"x48"150mm x 1250mmmicro Beve(≥0.35mm)0.2mm4.5mm7"x48"182mm x 1250mmV-groove and Painted0.25mm5mm9"x48"232mm x 1250mmattached EVA0.3mm 7"x60"182mm x 1550mmattached IXPE0.35mm 9"x60"232mm x 1550mmattached Cork0.4mm 12"x 24"310mm x 630mm  0.5mm    

WPC (Engineer vinyl)

Product Profile:WPC is incredible product in the world. It means the base is the composite of wood power and plastic, top layer is vinyl flooring. These two kind of the material are pressed together as a new product. WPC has the characteristics of both WPC and Vinyl material. People like its clean, environmental and waterproof. You can choose long size (1540 or 1840mm) and EIR surface from Licheer WPC as the first selection of the floor.Product CategoryWarelayerThinknessSizeOther ChoiceEngineer Vinyl (WPC)0.1mm5.5mm5.8"x37"147mm x 940mmUV-matt finished0.15mm6mm5.8"x48.8"147mm x 1240mmmicro Beve(≥0.35mm)0.2mm6.5mm7"x48.8"178mm x 1240mmV-groove and Painted0.25mm7mm9"x48"230mm x 1240mmattached EVA0.3mm7.5mm7"x60.6"128mm x 1540mmattached IXPE0.35mm8mm9"x60.6"230mm x 1540mmattached Cork0.4mm 7"x72.4"178mm x 1840mm 0.5mm 9"x72.4"230mm x 1840mm 0.7mm 12"x24"305mm x 612mm   15.8"x37"403mm x 940mm 

LVT click

Product Profile:LVT Click is very mature and stable series in vinyl flooring family, which have easy installation, stable quality and multiple choice of color matching. Licheer LVT Click has several clicks to let your products easy to install, and make quality stable.Product CategoryWarelayerThinknessSizeOther ChoiceInterlock LVT0.1mm3mm6"x36"150mmx930mmUV-matt finished0.15mm3.2mm6"x48"150mmx1230mmmicro Beve(≥0.35mm)0.2mm4mm7"x48"181mmx1240mmV-groove and Painted0.25mm4.5mm9"x48"228mm x1240mm 0.3mm5mm7"x60"181mm x1540mm 0.35mm6mm9"x60"228mm x 1540mm 0.4mm 12"x24.2"305mm x 615mm 0.5mm    0.7mm    

Loose lay

Product Profile:Loose lay is amazing product, which is no adhesives, glue and click system. Loose lay plank will automatic adsorption on your floor. It’s very easy to install it and replace it. Licheer Loose Lay has different specification and a Variety of colors you can choose.Product CategoryWarelayerThinknessSizeOther ChoiceLoose Lay LVT0.1mm4mm6"x36.8"155mm x 936mm UV-matt finished0.15mm4.5mm6"x48.6"155mm x 1236mm micro Beve(≥0.35mm)0.2mm5mm7.3"x49"186mm x 1246mmV-groove and Painted0.25mm5.5mm9.17"x60.8"233mm x 1546mm 0.3mm 7.3"x60.8"186mm x 1546mm 0.35mm 9.17"x60.8"233mm x 1546mm 0.4mm 7.3"x72.6"186mm x 1846mm 0.5mm 9.17"x72.6"233mm x 1846mm   12"x24"313mm x 618mm 


Product Profile:Dry Back is very classic series in Vinyl flooring family, which have different specification, large selections and stable quality. Licheer Dry Back looks and feels like real wood.Product CategoryWarelayerThinknessSizeOther ChoiceDry Back LVT0.1mm1.5mm6.18"x36.9"157mm x 938mm UV-matt finished0.15mm2mm6.18"x48.7"157mm x 1238mm micro Beve(≥0.35mm)0.2mm2.5mm7.4"x49.1"188mm x 1248mmV-groove and Painted0.25mm3mm9.25"x60.9"235mm x 1548mm 0.3mm3.5mm7.4"x60.95"188mm x 1548mm 0.35mm4mm9.25"x60.95"235mm x 1548mm 0.4mm 7.4"x72.75"188mm x 1848mm 0.5mm 9.25"x72.75"234.5mm x 1848mm   12"x24"315mm x 623mm 


Product Profile:Laminate flooring is very traditional products. All the manufacturing technique are very mature and stable. EIR surface of Licheer laminate flooring will give you a sense of real wood after getting into home.Product CategoryWarelayerThinknessSizeOther ChoiceLaminate Floor18G7mm5"x31.8"128mm x 808mm U-groove22G8mm5"x47.8"128mm x 1215mm V-groove and Painted25G10mm5.7"x47.8"144mm x 1215mm waxed30G12mm6.6"x47.8"168mm x 1215mmAttached EVA33G13mm7.7"x47.8"196mm x 1215mmAttached IXPE38G15mm7.7"x70.8"196mm x 1800mm 45G 7.7"x86.7"196mm x 2200mm 54G 7.7"x95.3"196mm x 2420mm   5.7"x15.7"/31.5"/47.2"144mm x 400/800/1200mm  

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