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Laminate flooring is very traditional products. All the manufacturing technique are very mature and stable. EIR surface of Licheer laminate flooring will give you a sense of real wood after getting into home.

Product Category Warelayer Thinkness Size Other Choice
Laminate Floor 18G 7mm 5"x31.8" 128mm x 808mm  U-groove
22G 8mm 5"x47.8" 128mm x 1215mm  V-groove and Painted
25G 10mm 5.7"x47.8" 144mm x 1215mm  waxed
30G 12mm 6.6"x47.8" 168mm x 1215mm Attached EVA
33G 13mm 7.7"x47.8" 196mm x 1215mm Attached IXPE
38G 15mm 7.7"x70.8" 196mm x 1800mm  
45G   7.7"x86.7" 196mm x 2200mm  
54G   7.7"x95.3" 196mm x 2420mm  
    5.7"x15.7"/31.5"/47.2" 144mm x 400/800/1200mm   

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