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Loose lay is amazing product, which is no adhesives, glue and click system. Loose lay plank will automatic adsorption on your floor. It’s very easy to install it and replace it. Licheer Loose Lay has different specification and a Variety of colors you can choose.

Product Category Warelayer Thinkness Size Other Choice
Loose Lay LVT 0.1mm 4mm 6"x36.8" 155mm x 936mm  UV-matt finished
0.15mm 4.5mm 6"x48.6" 155mm x 1236mm  micro Beve(≥0.35mm)
0.2mm 5mm 7.3"x49" 186mm x 1246mm V-groove and Painted
0.25mm 5.5mm 9.17"x60.8" 233mm x 1546mm  
0.3mm   7.3"x60.8" 186mm x 1546mm  
0.35mm   9.17"x60.8" 233mm x 1546mm  
0.4mm   7.3"x72.6" 186mm x 1846mm  
0.5mm   9.17"x72.6" 233mm x 1846mm  
    12"x24" 313mm x 618mm  

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