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Digital Printing
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Digital Printing

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Digital Printing

Advatange of Licheer's digital printing products:


1.Free of volatile toxic organic solvents

In traditional products, some decorative paper or color film is used to modify the design and color of the product. These decorative paper or color film are printed with oil ink, which contains a large amount of toxic organic solvent volatiles.This toxic organic solvent has been defined by the global environmental protection department as highly polluting toxic substances. Digital printing products use water-based ink, water as the solvent, without any volatile toxic organic solvent. The production process has no effect on the health of the operators and the users. Meanwhile, it does not contain VOC, benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, xylene, free formaldehyde, soluble heavy metals, which fully meet the criteria of floorscore and greenguard.


Oil ink

Highly toxic organic solvent

UV ink

Environmentally organic solvents

Water ink

No organic solvent


2.High anti-scratch and abrasion

The great innovation of Digital printing process will enable us to achieve the wear-resistant level of AC5 for commercial use.                     

3.No repetition of design

In the field of elastic materials, it is an unsolved problem to reduce the repetition rate of design of products. Digital printing will be the innovator of the industry. Licheer's experienced design team extended the repetition rate of Digital printing's designs indefinitely, making them more in line with the form of natural hardwood products.


4.High-end synchronized

Licheer's design team has extensive experience and has been working on the exploration and research of wood and stone grain materials. Research and development of wood and stone surfaces will set a new benchmark for the flooring industry. We will solve the problem of synchronize. Use the actual texture of wood and stone grain, we design the surface one on one, in this way, each product can be synchronized with each other. At the same time, the Licheer team's continued innovation and R&D has greatly shortened the product cycle and made more high-end products available.


5.High definition

The resolution of traditional decorative paper and color film is at 300dpi. Licheer redefines the design and color, raising the resolution to 720dpi. They are closer to the real feeling, which further improves the customer's experience and quality of life.


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