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Rigid core floor 1.0
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Product name

Rigid core floor 1.0

Product description

SPC(Rigid Core)


SPC is the most popular product in vinyl flooring family, premium eco-friendly and with competitive price. It’s also 100% waterproof, but with strong stability and dent resistance. The inflation rate is lower than vinyl floor, because of the difference in materials.It's also more rigid than vinyl floor,attaching EVA or IXPE will offer a better foot feeling. Licheer's SPC floor is equipped with super anti-scratch UV protection and are suitable for both residential and commercial use.



Basically, there are 4 different kinds of SPC.  

1.Normal SPC Floor 

2.AB model(PVC layer + Rigid Core)

3.BA mode I(Rigid Core + PVC layer)

4.ABA model(PVC layer + Rigid Core + PVC layer)


Product Specifications 

● Size: 6”*36” 7”*48” 9”*48” 7”*60”9”*60” 7”*72” 12”*24” 18”*36” ● Installation: Valinge, I4F click
● Thickness: 3.2-8mm ● Underlay: EVA,IXPE
● Wear Layer: 0.1mm-1mm ● Feature: Waterproof
●Textures:Embossed,Handscraped, Stone, Registered Embossed (EIR) ● Certificates: Floor Score,ISO9000, ISO14001,SGS


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